Last week @ Kolab Tech

After a summer with ins and outs of the super hot Zurich office, this week finally brought some rain and a little chill. I can't wait for the snow to start.

The week started early and in full speed, as we had our hardware vendor visiting on Monday to replace a defect hypervisor. I sleep better at night knowing that everything is in order again.

A few of us was jumping on a bus to the fair city of Munich, to meet the techies at IT@M IT@M for a Kontact workshop; 3 days of intense desktop client talks, discussions and experiments. It was inspiring to see the work groups get together to resolve issues, do packaging on the LiMux platform and prepare pre-deployment configurations. A big value of the workshop was the opportunity to collect and consolidate a lot of end user experience. Luckily we also got time for a bit of pretaste of the special Wiesn bier.

Aside from discussing the desktop clients, creating packages and listening to use cases, Christian finally found and resolved the issue that for a while has prevented me from installing the latest Kontact on my fedora 22. Thanks Christian!