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I joined Kolab Systems just over 1.5 years ago, and during that time I have put a lot of my energy and time into working with the amazing team of people here to improve our processes and execution of those processes around sales, communication, community engagement, professional services delivery, and product development. They have certainly kept me busy and moving at warp 9, but the results have certainly been their own reward as we have moved together from strength to strength across the board.

One place that this has been visible is the strengthening of our relationship with Red Hat and IBM, which has culminated in two very significant achievements this year. First, Kolab is available on the Power 8 platform thanks to a fantastic collaboration with IBM. For enterprise customers and ISP/ASPs alike who need to be able to deliver Kolab at scale in minimum rack space, this is a big deal.

For those with existing Power 8 workloads, it also means that they can bring in a top-tier collaboration suite with quality services and support backing it up on their already provisioned hardware platform; put more simply: they won't have to support an additional x86-based pool of servers just for Kolab.

To help introduce this new set of possibilities, we have organized a series of open tech events called the Kolab Tasters in coordination with IBM and Red Hat.

alt Kolab Tasters

Besides enjoying local beverages and street food with us at these events, attendees will be able to experience Kolab on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Power 8 first-hand on the demo stations that will be available around the event site. Presentations from Kolab Systems, IBM and Red Hat form the main part of the agenda for each of these events, and will give attendees a deep understanding of how the open technologies from IBM (Power 8), Red Hat (Linux OS), and Kolab Systems (Kolab) deliver fantastic value and freedom, especially when used together.

The first events scheduled are:

  • Zürich, Switzerland on the 14th June, 2016
  • Vienna, Austria on the 22nd June, 2016
  • Bern, Switzerland on 28th June, 2016

There are some fantastic speakers lined up for these events, including Red Hat's Jan Wildeboer and Dr. Wolfgang Meier who is directory of hardware development at IBM. At the Vienna event, we will also be celebrating the official opening of Kolab Systems Austria, which has already begun to support their needs of partners, customers and government in the beautiful country of Austria from our office in Vienna.

Events in Germany, starting in Frankfurt, will be scheduled soon, and we will be doing a "mini-taster" at the Kolab Summit which is taking place in Nürnberg on the 24th and 25th of June. Additional events will be scheduled in accordance with interest over the next year. I expect this to become a semi-regular road-show, in fact.

And speaking of the Kolab Summit: is it also going to be a fantastic event. Co-hosted at the openSUSE Conference, we will be sharing the technical roadmap for Kolab for 2016-2017; unveiling our partner program for ISPs, ASPs and system integrators that we incrementally rolled out earlier this year and which is now ready for broad adoption; listening to guest speakers on timely topics such as Safe Harbor in the EU and taking Kolab into vertical markets; and, of course, having a busy "hallway session" where you can meet and talk with key developers, designers, management and sales people from the Kolabiverse.

You can still book your free tickets to these events from their respective websites:

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