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Kolab: Bringing All Of Us Together, Part 2

Kolab: Bringing All Of Us Together, Part 2

This is the second blog in a serious about how we are working to improve the Kolab ecosystem. You can read the first installment about the new release strategy here. This time, however, we are going to looking at our online community infrastructure.

All the good things

There is quite a significant amount of infrastructure available to members of the Kolab community. There is an packaging system, online translation, a Phabricator instance where the source code and more is hosted, a comprehensive documentation site, mailing lists, irc channels and blogs. We are building up on that foundation, and one example of that is the introduction of Phabricator this past year.

Of course, it does not matter how good or numerous these tools are if people either do not find them or they are not the right sorts of tools people need. We had taken a look at what we have on offer, how they are being used and how we could improve. The biggest answer we came up with was: revamp the website and drop the wiki.

Introducing a new community website!

Today we turned the taps on a brand new website at Unlike the previous website, this one does not aim to sell people on what makes Kolab great; we already have other websites that do that pretty well. Instead, the new design focuses on making the community resources discoverable by putting them front and center.

In addition to upgrading the blog roll and creating a blog just for announcements and community news, we have created a set of web forums we are calling the Hub. Our design team will be using it to collaborate with users and other designers, and we invite developers, Kolab admins and users alike to discuss everything Kolab at the Hub.

Of course, we also took the opportunity to modernize the look, give it a responsive design, and reflect the new Kolab brand guidelines. But that is all just icing on the cake compared to the improved focus and new communication possibilities.

From here forward

We will be paying a lot of attention to community engagement and development in 2016, and this website, unveiled in time for FOSDEM is a great starting point. We will be adding more over time, such as real time commit graphs and the like, as well as taking your feedback for what would make it more useful to you. We are all looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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